I’m VJ Kapur and I’m running for ANC in 5C07. I want to make our neighborhood and city safe, vibrant, and welcoming for long-term, new, and future neighbors alike. You can read more about what I’d do as Commissioner on the Priorities page. You can find writeups on specific cases and meeting summaries on the Issues page.

The Election

There is now a comprehensive timeline up at the DC BOE website on the 2022 Elections page.


  • I’ll be unopposed on the 5C07 ballot; ANC candidate declarations are over.
  • There are competitive/consequential elections nearby.
  • Vote from early October and by November 8th.
  • There will be mailed ballots for all, dropboxes, and the option to vote at any Early or Election Day voting center.
  • Woodridge Library will host all three voting options (dropbox, early, Election Day).

Campaign Status

I dropped off 43 signatures in total for ballot access, to meet a minimum requirement of 25 after any challenges. I appreciate everyone’s support, the many conversations about the neighborhood, and the miles I walked making the rounds!

The declaration period is over, and nobody else pulled papers, let alone submitted signatures, in 5C07. We can exhale a bit, but there will still be a 10-day signature challenge period, the potential for a write-in campaign, and the important work of earning neighbors’ trust in the next few months (and beyond).

I’ll also continue writing up my Issues pages, with meeting summaries and calls to action to advance projects around the SMD and beyond, building the dashboard to track concerns/service requests, and submitting TSIs that will conclude after I take office.

The Horserace

Meanwhile, there are some competitive elections nearby with major consequences for what we can get done in 5C and with 5B (and A/D/E/F where we all spend plenty of time); for folks who are interested in a horserace, we have plenty of that ahead of us. I’ll write up some specifics soon, but feel free to reach out for more details on competitive nearby races; if you’re reading this from outside of 5C07, you may be voting in one!

Today, the best thing you can do is familiarize yourself with the (new!) maps, think about where your network lives, and encourage your friends to do the same. You can do this by checking the OpenANC project, the official tool, the static maps, and/or just reaching out to me at the social media options below!